We believe that the proposed Phase 3 expansion of the San Diego Convention Center should not only function as a world-class facility, but it should also become part of an energized waterfront community for all San Diegans to enjoy.  

During several public outreach forums, community members told us what topped their list as some of the most important public amenities to incorporate into the design of the proposed expansion including: maximizing park and open spaces; preserving existing views to the bay; activating the promenade along the waterfront; reducing vehicular traffic and enhancing public safety along Convention Way; and providing spaces for public art.

The design selected for the proposed Phase 3 expansion has addressed our residents’ needs by:

Creating a 5-acre waterfront park called ‘Sky Park’  
  • Sky Park would add 40% more open space along this stretch of the Embarcadero than what is currently available  
  • Sky Park would be one of the largest green belts in downtown San Diego
  • Sky Park would host community events, music festivals and public art displays
  • Sky Park would have stunning 360 degree views of downtown, Coronado and the San Diego Bay
  • Sky Park would be ADA accessible from the bay
  • Sky Park would be accessible to and from the Gaslamp Quarter via cascading stairs on the city side of the park

Keeping the size of the proposed expansion at the same height as the current facility
  • Existing views from surrounding residencies, businesses and hotels to the San Diego Bay would be preserved
  • Enhanced 360 degree views of downtown, Coronado and the bay would be available to the public from atop Sky Park  
  • Reduced massing and scale of the proposed expansion from original renderings would result in 38% less mass along the waterfront

Energizing the waterfront by adding a pedestrian promenade
  • A tree-lined pedestrian promenade would be solely dedicated to foot traffic along the San Diego Bay
  • The promenade would provide a safe and scenic link between the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and South Embarcadero Park
  • A 30,000 sf space for retail shops, restaurants and a water transportation center along the promenade would enhance public amenities and invigorate the Embarcadero
  • The promenade would be well-lighted, heavily trafficked and improve public safety along the waterfront

Reducing vehicular traffic on Convention Way
  • Twenty-two new truck docks, with their own frontage road leading to the Convention Center, would decrease vehicular traffic on Convention Way

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